NDIS Support Services

Our Services

Assist Travel

This support service aims at enhancing the abilities of NDIS participants to be able to travel as independently and safely as possible.
One of our dedicated support workers will assist you whenever you require assistance to travel to your chosen destination. We take pride in having experienced support workers on board, with an Australian driving license to ensure that you are in safe hands.
We are well aware of the fact that travelling independently makes life easier, however, it is essential to take safety into account. Therefore, we assign a dedicated support worker who will help you at every step of the way, when it comes to travelling
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Community Nursing

Our Professionally trained in-home Registered Nurses have cared for thousands of patients with a variety of medical needs throughout the greater Toowoomba region.
We aims to provide individuals with the highest quality of care available. Our experienced and dedicated nurses are committed to making sure that each and every individual receives comprehensive, safe and respectful treatment.
We work closely with other healthcare providers in order to ensure that our clients have access to a wide variety of services. We also offer education and training opportunities for both our staff and clients so they can stay informed on the latest advances in nursing care services.

Daily Living Life

Our support staff is available 24/7 to provide essential and quality services to our NDIS clients. We understand and value the significance of personal care activities and how they impact the everyday life of an individual. These personal care activities are related to the sense of well-being and independence of a person over their daily tasks
Our NDIS participants or their immediate family members can choose from a range of personal care services that we provide. You can further choose the specific staff member for your care services and can decide if you want the services in the community accommodation or at your own house.

Participate Community

Community participation helps people to develop new skills and experiences by discovering new opportunities through the multiple people that they meet during the community activities. This community participation helps people in achieving new levels of self-confidence, motivation, and independence, to live their lives on their terms.
In NDIS, community participation is considered to be one of the most significant activities that provide enhanced wellbeing, better life satisfaction, efficient education, and employment opportunities to people with disabilities, their family members, as well as their careers.

Daily Personal

Under this NDIS support, we enable NDIS participants to live life freely, without stressing out on tedious household tasks that require more than extra effort. Our support workers have been working in a variety of settings to assist eligible NDIS participants with the support they need to carry out personal activities.
It is essential to be on top of your personal activities, when you are focusing on planning and achieving your goals! We help you take care of these basic- yet important tasks in the comfort of your home. We are equipped with all the necessary resources to help you conduct personal activities in a better manner. We understand the importance of a smooth routine, and therefore, ensure that all your requirements are looked after well.

Household Tasks

We have you covered for as much or as little assistance you need to carry out the regular household tasks safely, and efficiently. Household tasks demand time and effort, and we understand that you would need expert assistance to cater for them. There is no denying that household tasks need to be dealt with attention to detail to maintain a clean, and organised home. Our team comprehends the importance of household tasks, and is always happy to take the responsibility so that you don’t have any hassles managing your household chores.
Depending on the kind of assistance you need, one of our support workers will always be there to take care of the tasks to enable you to live comfortably, safely and independently.